Catherine Coaches.  Your Secret Weapon For a Red Hot Love Life!



"Cat's workshops are always really popular. The audience feedback consistently reflects her engaging style and her sex-positive presentation. Plus, she is lots of fun!"
~ Charlie Glickman, PhD, Education Program Manager, Good Vibrations

"Catherine's Fellatio class was suggested by my Dominant as a wonderfully education, and fun activity to undertake then report back to him about at our next lunch. He found her on-line, and though based out of San Francisco, it was just my luck that she was hosting a class near West Los Angeles, at The Pleasure Chest.

I'd visited the store many times for shopping, but never been quite interested or bold enough to take one of the open-to-the-public classes, so I brought several girlfriends to make me a little more comfortable. Once I said that their partners, husbands, or boyfriends would highly appreciate the class, more than a few agreed to go and showed up that evening after work.

The group filled all the chairs provided by the store, and it was standing room only by the start of the class. After a lot of initial giggling by the audience, we were wowed with the level of knowledge and fearlessness of Catherine in answering our questions. No subject or topic was too taboo, or odd, and she was happy to start and stick with the famous theme of hers throughout the class, "don't yuck my yum."

In the event you have not yet had the pleasure of attending one of her soirees, "don't yuck my yum" is really as simple as it sounds. Everyone having different tastes, and that certainly extending to something as personal as sex, what you find to be delicious or romantic may not be so for the next person. It is one thing to not like the outfit on the stranger walking by, but hearing a part of your sexuality is displeasing to another person can be jarring. Knowing this, Catherine was sure to put everyone at ease and promote a safe, comfortable space to open everyone up when she set the tone in her unique way with that little, yet epic, phrase. 

Between the insightful tips and instructional demonstrations, Catherine's class was also peppered with amazing scientific facts to drive home the learning, connecting the physical practice to the science of why it works so well. She discussed variations of a what a partner could expect with every activity, and covered any possible risk associated with altering the technique or position. She addressed potential anxieties in us and those of our partners and, there, too, offered up ideas to keep the mood flowing and out any wrinkles which occasionally occur from exciting exploration and experimentation. 

I don't want to give away any of the specifics, but it was a great night out discovering all those crazy cool facts and learning so much about how to please and show care for my lover. By the end of the night lots of girls from the audience were volunteering to be demonstrators and sometimes even looked like they forgot they were in front of other people taking a class in public! Once you attend, you'll be hooked on the great atmosphere, level of Catherine's expertise and comrades you find with the other people who have the same secret question as you. You'll never gather your friends for a tupper ware party again!

Oh, and as for my Dominant? My description of Catherine's class was so compelling that he whisked me away from lunch immediately for an afternoon-long demonstration. I've since been told that I got an A plus!"

~ K, C.

"In a society that often skims the surface of sexuality issues, Catherine craftily manages to help participants dive within themselves and safely explore. In a safe, comfortable and inviting manner, she can transform a room into an open and sex positive environment for sex nerds, the vanilla folk and all those in between. Yet no euphemisms are needed as she doesn't pull any punches in her presentations! This honesty illustrates what individuals are desperately seeking today: truthful conversations and reputable guidance about sexuality. Catherine hits all the bases of a skilled educator: she's comforting, highly skilled and sparkles!"
~ Megan Andelloux, Certified Sexuality Educator, AASECT, Board Certified Sexologist, ACS, Founder of and the Director of the Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health

"You can't ask for more folks! Catherine Toyooka is the BEST when it comes to providing an environment that is safe, secure, and comfortable when it comes to sex positivity. Catherine has done a handful of workshops for our LGBTQ youth program (AQUA) as well as our gay men's program (raMEN), and our clients in both groups beg each season to bring her back; and it goes without saying why. Her expertise, easy-going spirit, and fun energy are more than anyone can ask for in a speaker, coach, and mentor."
~ Mike Nguyen, Men's Program Coordinator, Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center

"I've seen great workshops as a Good Vibrations employee, but my favorite, hands down, is Cat's Power Flirting workshop. Her workshop has CHANGED MY LIFE! I've always been very shy and totally oblivious to flirting. Everything has changed after Cat's workshop. My co-workers at the store could not believe I was being such a BIG FLIRT. They were wowed by my new skills."
~ Marianna L. Estrada, Former Sex Educator/Sales Associate, Good Vibrations

"I reached out to Catherine when I found myself facing a tough situation with intimacy in my own relationship of 6 months. I was frustrated, finding it difficult to voice my concern with my partner, and feeling completely alone in regards to who I could turn to with such a personal obstacle. Catherine responded with compassion and concern. She named a few possible roots of the problem, and suggested a number of resources and ways to address the issue, comfortably and at our own pace."
~ Kyrah D.

"Cat brought a sincerity, warmth, and attentiveness to our coaching work that allowed me to explore my flirting challenges. Her respectful manner, deep listening, and gently challenging spirit nudged me to go to my next level of growth and risk taking with my single and dating status."
~ Female, Author, San Francisco

"Eros asked Catherine to do an oral sex (fellatio) workshop for gay men which was incredible. She knew her subject matter, her audience, and was highly knowledgeable and entertaining. For those reasons and more, I highly recommend Catherine Toyooka as both a presenter and coach."
~ Ken Rowe, Owner & Comunity Relations Coordinator for Eros The Center for Safe Sex, San Francisco, CA.

"I enjoyed the art of oral sex (fellatio) workshop very much. Catherine is non-threatening and non-judgmental... I love her!"
~ Samantha, San Jose, CA.

"Cat began our workshop with a few ice breakers, a WONDERFUL way to engage us and make us comfortable from the beginning. Also stressed the importance of confidentiality, a good message for young college women to have reinforced. Fabulous introduction. Cat was thorough, patient, open, thought-provoking and humorous."
~ Producer of Stanford University 2009 Vagina Monologues

"The workshop exceed my expectations. Catherine conducted herself in a very respectful but yet entertaining and real way. She set some ground rules that I think fit very well within the group. She was also willing to answer any questions and she did it very accurately. She was very well informed and handled every point with respect for the group."
~ Program Coordinator for LGBTQIQ Youth Center

"We were delighted to have Cat Toyooka work with us at the Center for Sex & Culture and couldn't be happier that she has started doing her own independent consulting and coaching work. So many people get insufficient or just downright bad sex education that creating a sexually sane, healthy, pleasure-filled society is a tall order, and we need all the help we can get. Fortunately, Cat is on the job!"
~ Carol Queen, PhD, Founding Director, Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco

"Cat's Vagina Monologue Workshop was awesome because she is very forthcoming and open about any sex-related topic, whether personal or life. She brought a huge variety of sex toys and showed us how to use them. Her discussion of sex inspires you to consider alternative "paths to pleasure" that are normally considered taboo and ultra-kinky. I learned that you really have to abandon all beliefs about orgasms and sex in order to freely experiment and achieve pure sexual fulfillment."
~ Anonymous Stanford Student

"I had a chance to see Catherine at a live podcast recording. Her warmth and humor really put the audience at ease with the intimacy of the subject matter (G spot). She has a lot of knowledge and information to give, and her first step is making sure that people feel safe enough to receive the information. She has an authenticity to her that is endearing and comforting. So much of sex education is openness and sharing, and Catherine make you feel like that openness goes both ways. She's not lecturing you on something you're doing wrong and need to do better; she's helping you to enhance what you're already capable of and facilitates you experiencing sexuality the way you already want to in achieving sexual fulfillment."                                                                                                   ~ Vincent, Los Angeles, CA

"Cat is fun, knowledgeable, very engaging, and approachable. She knows her subject matter well."                                                                          ~ Mary Owen, N.P., UCSF Muscular Sclerosis Center

"Cat is fun, very sex positive, engaged and involves the students in the class. Her facilitation skills are excellent and fun!"                                 ~ Carol Badran, MPH, Health Education Department, City College of San Francisco

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Cat's workshops at City College in San Francisco. She presents the materials in such an easy and comfortable manner, yet not flippant or goofy. She gives the topics around sex, sexual pleasure, and safety the respect they deserve but in a way that makes it comfortable for the audience to digest. This is not to say she is stiff or overly serious--her sense of humor has them in stitches too--Cat knows her stuff!"                                                                                                      

~ Lanae St. John (aka themamasutra), Board Certified Sexologist and Sexy Mama Blogger for Good Vibrations